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• Cross-Platform – Share files, watch videos or play games on multiple computers from a single interface.
• Smarter – Use the browser to surf the web, use Groupwise to manage your email, chat and calendar with up to 30 people, post to Facebook, join customized channels, view your webcam or perform many other tasks
• Image Editor – View and edit images and photos without the need of a separate program or plugins. Transparent look-and-feel helps to maximize the images’ appearance
• Make and take calls – Call friends on Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo! and AOL Instant Messenger. See your online status in the main window while talking.
• Instant Messaging – Text chat, video chat, emoticons
• Facebook Connect – Post status updates to your Facebook account
• Google Talk – Post status updates to your Google Talk account
• Jabber – Chat with your friends in real time with XMPP, Jingle and Google Talk
• – Watch live video streams and chat live with other users
• Video and Photo Upload – Upload and view your videos and photos
• Stay informed – Send status updates and read your groups’ news
• Sms – Send and receive free SMS messages via your mobile phone
• SMS – Send and receive text messages over multiple networks
• VoIP – Make and receive calls over the internet using Skype, Google Talk and many other services
• Yammer – Share files, videos, photos, applications and browse your groups in a real time experience
• Windows Live Messenger – Chat with friends using the same Messenger contacts you already have
• Windows Live Spaces – View and manage your online space and create web pages in one place

A remarkably straightforward and easy to use application, Steganos TrueCrypt helps you encrypt your data. You have the option to create a secure container by clicking the Create New Container button. Just choose the number of files you want to encrypt, select the options you’d like to use for the encryption, and then hit OK.
Once you’re done, click the Create Container button to create the encrypted container. Your information is displayed in the left pane, and the container file is displayed in the right. When you create a container, it’s saved by a randomly generated file name. You can find out if the file you created has been saved to the hard drive using the short file name or the filename. You can also view the number of saved containers in the File Cabinet tab.
You can open the file and

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After one bad breakup, Allie decides to get her life back on track, and takes a shot at love. Is she ready to give chase or should she stick to the one thing she knows?
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How could you possibly forget about Kamen Rider? It was the most popular Japanese film franchise on television and paper for almost 3 decades. It all began in 1966 in Japan where Shotaro Ishinomori first created the character of the “Hero of the Decade” while directing the children’s program Kamen Rider. It was a success and a few years later, by 1975, the series was revamped with a live action version on TV in Japan. Furthermore, the series was exported to other countries and even though the Kamen Rider brand was slowly fading out since 2000, it is still remembered as one of the best Japanese television series of all time.

It’s a pretty well known fact that there’s a good chance of you returning to the world of Kamen Rider. The Kamen Rider series in general and the Kamen Rider Ghost movie in particular prove that. In fact, so much so that the latter has proven to be an instant hit for many, judging from how fast it pulled in both the domestic box office and the global box office, becoming one of the most profitable films of all time. Despite this, the Kamen Rider series has seen several failed attempts to reboot it in the form of American live action series. While the pilots of the live action series were a huge step in the right direction, they were ultimately unsuccessful. After five unproductive years, as Japan started to grow more and more apprehensive towards American-Japanese co-productions, it seemed to be the end of it, until now.

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is the latest reboot of Kamen Rider. And it is just good. So much so that it became the first Kamen Rider series to be re-licensed in the US. And the best part about it is that it has all the good stuff. It brings back the best elements of the original and even those that had been abandoned by the late 90’s. For starters, the original monsters were brought back, minus Snake (as in Snake People). They were replaced with Mephisto variants. And with Dragon Knight, they have more names than ever: Sange Sange Sange, Giga Giga Giga, and Gaim. Oh, and as you know,

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aMSN is a powerful instant messaging software designed as a Windows Live Messenger replacement. It includes all the features you are familiar with on Windows Live Messenger and you will have no problem finding a way to contact your friends and start a conversation.
You can chat, play games, see your pictures, broadcast your webcam and more, all at the same time without interfering with each other.
Have you tried aMSN yet? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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The national Major League Baseball season is finally upon us. The most renowned franchise in the sport, the New York Yankees, begins their title defense this coming weekend, but there’s no lack of game each weekend for baseball fans. At the local level, there are more than 200 US cities hosting US local baseball.
With all the passion for the sport, it’s only natural to look for the best games streaming service to enjoy your favorite teams. But which one should you use?
In our guide below, you will find all the best MLB streaming services, including live and VOD streaming, plus everything you need to know in order to enjoy the great sport. streaming
The platform is the exclusive media partner for Major League Baseball and has created its own streaming service to bring fans the most exciting games from the MLB season, regardless of location. The MLB Streaming only works on computers and tablets with an active subscription.
Key features offers VOD streaming for all the 150 MLB games from the previous season along with live streaming of the games.
Price: $99.99 per year requires Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. The full version comes with 30 days of free trial. There are also subscription plans for those who want to enjoy the best content.
Areas covered
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The US is now testing a screening program for immigrants who are suspected of being terrorists. While controversial, this policy would likely apply to a smaller group of immigrants compared to the current system which would take in everyone who presents themselves at US borders, even if they’re clearly not terrorists. The test is still being refined

What’s New In AMSN?

Amsn, the Windows Live Messenger client for Linux, has been ported to Linux by Linux users as well as users of GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Solaris, and various other Unix-like systems.
In addition to the Windows Live Messenger client, the software includes aMSN which is the Universal Windows Live Messenger replacement that includes a customizable and user-friendly interface, a feature pack similar to that of Windows Live Messenger, a web client, IRC chat support, and other features.
aMSN has a ‘Reliable Notification’ feature which enables you to get immediate notifiations when you get a new message.

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System Requirements For AMSN:

We have heard that the third installment in the Witcher series is ready to go. Let us take a look at what will be new in Witcher 3, how it will change its predecessor and how these changes will influence the end result. We have gathered information and points of view from all sides and decided to form our opinion on the topic of our Witcher 3 review. As usual, we will examine a few questions and demonstrate what we know about the changes.
Will you play as Geralt or as Triss?