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The name AutoCAD is a reference to Auto Cámara. For use in Mexican Spanish, the name is AutoCAD. The words Auto and Camara can be interpreted separately, “Auto” refers to automatic (driven by an on-board motor) and “Camara” (camera) refers to the video capture device. Thus, AutoCAD can be loosely translated as Auto (automatic) CAD (or drawing).

AutoCAD is used by a wide range of companies and individuals, from architects to engineers, who use the software to design and draw the three-dimensional images of buildings and other structures.

AutoCAD is used to draw architectural plans and computer-generated three-dimensional images of buildings and other structures. It allows a user to create a two-dimensional drawing from which a three-dimensional image can be constructed. Unlike most other CAD software, AutoCAD does not require a user to manually draw each separate component of a building on a computer-generated graphic of a building before that component can be assembled into the final drawing. For example, a wall can be built up layer by layer.

After creating a two-dimensional drawing, the user can move to a third dimension. A floor plan is a form of two-dimensional drawing in which the horizontal distance between two points on the floor is depicted by the x-axis. A plan view is a form of two-dimensional drawing in which the vertical distance between two points on the drawing is depicted by the y-axis. A cross section is a form of two-dimensional drawing in which the drawing depicts one or more layers through which the drawing was made.

The most important feature of the AutoCAD product line is its ability to combine both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawing capabilities on the same drawing. When a drawing is created using 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional tools, the same drawing can then be completed using 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional features. This feature is unique to the AutoCAD product line. It is also the reason for the unique name.

AutoCAD LT is a discontinued version of AutoCAD. It is designed for microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. LT stands for “Lightweight”. The LT versions are very similar to the more expensive AutoCAD Pro lines, but do not include any 3-dimensional capabilities. A 2-dimensional drawing can be created using LT and saved as a

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Digital drawing archives

The production of drawings using AutoCAD can be stored in a variety of formats:
Autodesk DWG
Autodesk DXF

AutoCAD 2010 introduced a new file format (AutoCAD DWG) that is much smaller than the previous DXF format. The new format is capable of supporting a wide range of industry standards including PDF, SVG and DWF. AutoCAD DWG is not supported by the previous DXF Viewer, but the DWG Viewer and the VectorWorks DWG Viewer support AutoCAD DWG.


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This software is owned and copyrighted by Autodesk, Inc. or its subsidiaries and licensed to you under
the terms and conditions of the written license agreement accompanying or accompanying this software
(the License). You may not use, decompile or disassemble this software except in compliance with the
terms of the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Software distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND,
either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing rights and limitations
under the License.

Autodesk, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD LT are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the
United States and other countries.


This is a web application that accesses Autodesk Platform API.
The Autodesk Platform API is a cloud-based application service developed by Autodesk. The service is
based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and offers 3rd party developers access to a suite of
web services that enable rapid application development.

You can use Autodesk Platform API as a service to create web applications that access data from any
3D product in the Autodesk Platform. Autodesk Platform API enables developers to access and create
database-driven, and mobile applications on Windows and web-based platforms.

You must authenticate via your Autodesk account. You can choose whether to use your account credentials
for development, testing, or production. Development credentials allow you to access development
tiers, whereas production credentials allow you to access enterprise products, such as AutoCAD,
AutoCAD LT, or Inspiron Series.

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What’s New in the?

Extend the extensible text capability of markup symbols to include compound text elements. Easily edit or add text or attributes to compound elements, like a table or multi-column list.

Navigate for 2D editing. Move your mouse to easily place text, circles, and lines on the screen.

Navigate for 3D editing. Rotate, tilt, and zoom to easily place, rotate, and align your model.

Draw dynamic precision lines for 3D. For the first time in AutoCAD history, create lines that automatically shrink or extend to fit your model. (video: 3:24 min.)

Smooth, consistent fine-tuning of line thickness. No more inconsistent line width from different fonts, styles, and contexts. Now, any new or changed line is thickened or thinned to fit its new role and surroundings.

Style and apply features like kerning and tracking. Easily control the look of your text.

Re-architect the style menus. Transform the existing style and apply menus to make them faster and easier to use.

Expand the table functions to support multi-row cells. Make 2D tables more powerful and more flexible than ever.

Build hyperlinks and hyperbolic text on the screen. Easily insert and organize text, shapes, and text labels into your drawings.

Easily produce presentations with images and embedded videos. Use the Document Map and Page Map features to include images and videos from a selected drawing or selected portion of a drawing.

Create and insert objects. New functions make it fast and easy to create objects such as lines, arcs, circles, text, and cells.

Easily manipulate drawing layers. Drag and drop layers into or out of your drawings, and quickly toggle objects and dimensions between viewports.

Create content-based views. Quickly and easily filter and expand the drawing to display only the contents you need.

Filter the drawing list view. Select any object to quickly hide all elements of that type.

Use the drawing tool to seamlessly edit any object. Access the dimension tools for editing dimensions, and edit text, paths, and lines.

Access frequently used tools with keyboard shortcuts. Use the arrow keys to navigate the ribbon, and press the same keys to access tools.

Create macros with the Drag-and-Drop feature. Drag

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit or Windows 8

Processor 2.4 GHz or faster (Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent)
RAM 2 GB or more
Graphics card DirectX 9.0c compatible with 1280×1024 resolution
Hard disk space, at least 7.7 GB
Additional Notes:
Due to hardware changes, the official demo may be available only for a limited time.
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