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Making music on the computer isn’t a new thing, with applications that can simulate instruments without the need to plug them in. However, sound can be used in more ways, with dedicated apps to create effects, even turn pictures to sound, or generate it from a sequence of effects. This is what Beeper lets you perform, giving you full control over speed, pitch, and other options.
Visual design and portability perks
One of the main advantages is the application skips you both the time, and effort of going through a setup process, and can be launched right after download is done. This also means you can store, and use it from a thumb drive, without worrying that the target PC gets affected, because registries are not modified.
The main windows is pretty clean, with no visual elements to make it stand out from the crowd, but visuals are not the center of attention here. What’s more, the simplicity in design lets you quickly get familiar with the set of features.
Leaves more to be desired
By default, the list of sounds is empty, so you have to start off by adding a few. The creation process is simple, only requiring you to adjust two value fields. One of them refers to frequency, determining the pitch of the sound, while the second value field represents duration, which is specified in milliseconds.
Double-clicking an existing item lets you modify values. These can be arranged to determine play order, but you need to use the toolbar controls. It can take a bit of time to create an audio file, especially if you want sound to vary. Unfortunately, there aren’t any effects to add, such as reverb, or gain, and export options might leave you scratching your head for a while, because you need to manually write the extension as well.
On an ending note
Bottom line is that Beeper comes in handy for building effects by combining different frequencies together. The creation process is simple, but it can take some time, especially because of arrangement options, and lack of a timeline view. The set of features is rather shallow, with no effects, leaving more to be desired overall.







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Project Beeper is an innovative and innovative way of building an audio track. This audio editor can be used to mix, alter, and modify audio files. It can also be used to manipulate music from the Internet by copying and pasting from a website. You can use it to modify audio and video files by adding, deleting, and replacing audio clips. These audio files can be combined by using plug-ins.

Paint.NET and GIMP are the two most popular, but they’re not the only game in town. Here’s a roundup of some more popular image editing software alternatives.


by: Colleen Hoffland

The free, open source GIMP toolset allows you to edit, manipulate, and even create your own images. GIMP includes a suite of plug-ins and filters that let you edit images in a wide variety of ways, and it’s been a favorite for more than ten years. If you’re looking for a free image editor, GIMP is the way to go.
Why it’s good:

It’s open source

It’s free

It’s open source

While GIMP is not as stable as it used to be, it remains very popular and has a huge following. If you’re not familiar with GIMP, it’s worth giving it a try.
The features:

GIMP is packed with a bevy of tools to help you edit images. You can use the toolbox to apply special effects to your image. You can also resize and crop images, change colors, and much more.

Why it’s good:

It’s free

GIMP was one of the first open source image editors. In fact, it was the first image editor that was free. Some people might argue that GIMP is the best image editor, but the truth is that it’s just one of many.

The features:

You can resize and crop images

It’s a free image editor

The features:

It’s free and powerful

It’s a powerful image editor

You can also use the toolbox to color correct your images. You can also edit gradients, patterns, and other special effects.

Why it’s good:

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KEYMACRO provides a simple, yet powerful macro editor for the Windows platform, enabling you to add keystrokes that execute a single command.
– A regular macro editor, allowing you to record and play sequences of keystrokes
– Redirects input to any other application
– User-friendly interface
– Virtual keyboard for keystrokes input
– Set of commonly used commands (undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, undo, zoom)
– Text editing of recorded macro
– External editor for recorded macros
– Supports Unicode characters and complex macros
Main features:
– User friendly interface
– Command history
– Set of commonly used commands (undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, undo, zoom)
– Support for Unicode characters
– Text editing of recorded macros
– External editor for recorded macros
KeyMACRO is a free utility, and can be downloaded from here:

The application integrates an advance playlist feature, allowing you to add tracks to an existing playlist, and immediately play back the songs. If you want to add songs to your playlist, they have to be stored in.MP3 files, which can be accomplished by a single-click of the program’s button.
Other common features include the following:
Create a playlist with a number of items in it
Play the songs from the playlist
Create, name and add a group of playlists
Add tracks to an existing playlist
Generate a list of song titles with or without artist
Replay songs with adjustable delays
Save the created playlist to the hard drive
– Edit playlists with all of its tracks and groups
– Sort the list of song titles
– Add songs to the playlist directly from the hard drive
– Reorganize all of the song titles
– Create a set of playlists that you use all of the time
– Add, delete and rename playlists
– Playlist editor
– Add songs to playlists
– Search the playlists
– Create playlists
– Sort playlists
– Create and open playlists
– Reset all of the playlists
– Edit playlists
– Copy, delete and rename playlists
– Add songs to playlists
– Play songs from a single list
– Remove duplicates from a playlist
– Add songs to the playlist
– Rename the songs

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Beeper is a Windows application, that lets you build new sound tracks from a series of sounds. The sounds can be recorded by yourself, or you can use those created by other people. Each sound is represented by a number, that represents frequency. By multiplying the frequencies together, you get different instruments, ranging from bass notes to pitch-shifted noise.
Beeper Application Highlights:
• Create new sound tracks.
• Arrange the sounds in a sequence.
• Adjust all the options to your liking.
• Build different effects, in addition to putting them together.
• Record sounds to share with others.
• Export your creations.
• Make basic adjustments to the settings.

The Android DevCon 2017 took place in Las Vegas, and featured 4 hours of lectures, demonstrations and panel discussions on topics ranging from building apps, marketing, and corporate strategies. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the talks that were of interest to a WordPress user. If you’re interested in attending the conference, you can buy your ticket here.

Apps in Wonderland: The Missing Web and Mobile Platforms

Speaker: Jason Knaack
The speaker will describe the work he has done at his company to make tools that let WordPress developers extend WordPress or make new themes and plugins.

Many new developers coming to WordPress are faced with the challenge of choosing between web and mobile development. The main reason being that there are many mobile and tablet apps that are being developed by developers but are not available in the app store.

The speaker will discuss the work he has done to make tools that let WordPress developers extend WordPress or make new themes and plugins.

Mobile App Development with WordPress

Speaker: David Isenia

The speaker will describe the work he has done to make a mobile app for WordPress that now has over 50,000 downloads and is used by thousands of website developers. He will talk about the challenges involved with developing an app for a platform that has an open source core, and how this can affect the process of designing and developing a successful app.

Demo Code

Speaker: Bryan Collier

The speaker will demonstrate a live app that will let you see the features of WordPress 5.0. He will also discuss the challenges involved in getting apps on the web. He will also talk about how he uses WP 5.0 to deploy apps to the web.

For developers

What’s New in the Beeper?

Auxilium Beeper is an audio effect for desktop computers. It lets you create effects by combining different frequency bands.  To create the effect, click the Music button in the bottom-right corner of the interface and you are ready to go. This feature is available to PC users running the application.
Thanks to our good friends over at the XLab Software []!

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System Requirements For Beeper:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
2 GB disk space (Windows applications will use up about 500 MB)
DirectX 9 compatible video card
Internet connection
At least 15 GB free on hard drive
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil),
Russian, and Turkish (not any other languages)
Additional Notes:
– Can be played on-line