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The concept behind Blip is to create innovative sounds and loops by drawing with the usual graphic tools (pencil, airbrush, line�). The classic painting functions take a whole other dimension, as they create melodies and rhythms in the musical domain.
The Blip application will continuously scan a grid of 64×64 cells. Each cell corresponds to a note, whose starting time is determined by its column, and whose instrument is determined by its row. The color of the cell controls the volume of the note (red component), its pan (green component), and its pitch (blue component).
Painting in the grid can be done in real-time while the loop is playing, which coupled with MIDI support and numerous shortcuts, transforms Blip into a very powerful live instrument. There are 16 patterns, each of them having its own tempo.
Here are some key features of “Blip”:
■ Instruments with min and max notes, as well as a musical scale, to which the blue levels will be mapped, in order to sound more musical.
■ Digital audio effects (tempo-based delay, resonant filter, chorus�).
■ Alternate grids, in complement of the note grid, to change effect send levels, or to set the probability that one note will actually be played.
■ Procedural generation of grids.
■ Automatic evolution / mutation of the grid patterns for live performances.







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It’s fun to paint again, but this time on a grid!
Blip is a MIDI-like live instrument. It uses the 1-parameter technique, but within the grid, the variables can be altered, thanks to the Alternating Grids section, in order to create a lot of different sounds.
Learn more about this new live instrument:

Blip is a limited edition application with distinctive features. The traditional musician has been redefined and a new Blip artist has been born in the digital world. With Blip, the playing with pencil and paper no longer remains a fantasy; it becomes reality in a unique, catchy, and innovative way.
Painting in the grid is in real-time. By redrawing the different panels in the grid and choosing which to redraw as a reference, the artist can find a continuous set of notes that can be played, with or without a break, thanks to Alternate Grids.
“Blip” provides a synthesizer with numerous controls that allow the user to play real notes. A new combination of different techniques allows, in addition to a great sound, faithful sounding of real instruments.
The user can choose the duration of each note or the volume of each note.
Additional sounds can be processed, with or without a break, by adding oscillators, amplifiers, and generators (delay, chorus, tape loops, etc.).
The mini version of Blip makes it possible to play the blue level and the pan level.
Blip allows the addition of an unlimited number of notes, instruments, sounds, and styles, through the use of Alternate Grids.
The Blip application is composed of a grid and a palette that are not fixed. They are changing continuously, allowing the user to create a great variety of sounds and melodies with a simple instrument.
Blip creates a new relationship between a musician and his art.
Nowhere else can one create such beautiful sounds or music as with Blip.

Enhance your Blip experience with the Blip Tweaker, an add-on that will allow to set numerous parameters as well as navigate easily through the Blip menus. On the other hand, the Blip Product Manager will help you manage and develop Blip.
Blip Tweaker will be fully integrated in Blip, without requiring to launch a separate Blip install.

Blip is about creating a

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MIDI control
■ Each preset has one main note selected. The RGB control can be mapped to any MIDI controller.
■ MIDI clock is 9600 baud and accuracy is at least +/- 0.1%.
■ MIDI support: controller 47 (NOTE ON), controller 98 (NOTE OFF), and controller 49 (1-value Quantization) are currently available. More controllers will be added in the future.
■ 16 patterns per preset. They can be manually edited and the resulting patterns can be locked or randomized.
■ A global hot-key for the current pattern and its details.
Sound generation
■ Each preset can be played a different number of times. As the pattern keeps playing, it keeps generating notes.
■ Instead of having one single main note, each pattern has its own set of all its notes, each note having its own pitch, volume, and pan.
■ Each note can be stopped or faded out, for example to trigger a feedback of some type.
■ Each note can be modulated by one or several effects such as delay or resonant filters.
Grid generation
■ The size of the grid can be specified (from 4×4 to 32×32) and can also be automatically adjusted to fit the current pattern. For example, if the pattern is playing for 4 cells (one note) on a 16×16 grid, there will be a 16×16 pattern.
■ 16 patterns per preset. They can be manually edited and the resulting patterns can be locked or randomized.
■ Progression, with the possibility to play from the beginning to the end of the pattern.
■ Automatic evolution / mutation of the grid patterns for live performances.
Coming very soon
Future features:
■ 16 patterns per preset. They can be manually edited and the resulting patterns can be locked or randomized.
■ Presets with more than one note.
■ Patterns with multiple instruments in each note.
In the future, there may be a demo version available with presets and patterns.
Thanks for reading,

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Blip [2022]

“Big Bang” was envisioned as a kind of “son of MODULATOR” with a graphic interface. It is a generic resource to make musical son/samples. It also features a particular new way of playing. By making notes, the interface creates a piece of music. Playing a note can be done by any of its 3 planes: grid, line, brush. This multi-dimensional 2-dimensional graphic interface has been designed to make it easy to see your musical creation process. With Blip, it will be easy to mix and cross different instruments. Whether it’s a new kind of guitar, harp or melody engine, Blip will have a wide sound palette.
Blip Intro:
“Blip” is the computer game to make music in this age of “computer music”? Do you want to learn to play music with “Blip” from the beginning?
See the videos for more information and an insight into the possibilities of “Blip”.
Blip Free Download:
Download the “Blip Studio” PC application for free here:

Absolutely worth the price.
Blip is truly a unique program and a nice tool to practice the notes on the screen. I am sure everyone would like to be able to experience the notes, Blip allows you to do that very easily. It is a very very good piece of software for lessons, practicing and just being creative.
A good value for the price.

It has an artistic use for both beginners and advanced artists.
The max/min/color options make it easier to see and understand.
This will be a tool that is essential to my studio.
Thank you for designing it and shipping it so quickly.

We just started using this program and it’s absolutely amazing. I love how it works. I teach art in a semi-formal setting. (I teach at an alternative high school and a public high school) I have a couple of students that have started using Blip to make music, and they’re amazed. I think you’ve created a future Pied Piper of art school.

I’ve tried many times to get a higher quality screen shot to post. Blip does not allow you to capture the full screen. Although in any quality you capture it is very small. I think it would be a good addition if you could capture the full screen. Maybe a 50-100% zoom? My screen shots are in the top right

What’s New in the?

Blip is a digital brush, a digital airbrush, in a box. It is conceived as a very powerful interactive instrument. It is a live tool that scans a grid of 64×64 cells. Each cell represents a note, and the notes are all heard together as a piece of music.
Tested on the following systems:
– PC: Pentium 100 MHz (2 GB ram)
– Mac: PowerMac with 680 20 MHz (2 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G4 with 680 30 MHz (4 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G5 300 MHz (8 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G5 500 MHz (16 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G5 1GHz (32 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G5 2GHz (64 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G5 3GHz (128 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G5 4GHz (256 GB ram)
– MAC: Power Mac G5 2.7GHz (512 GB ram)
On the following systems, Blip cannot run:
– Mac OS X 10.5 Tiger (no Java 1.5 required)
– Linux (no Java 1.5 required)
– Mac OS X 10.4 Jaguar (no Java 1.5 required)
– Linux (no Java 1.5 required)
– LINUX x86 (no Java 1.5 required)
MIDI support:
After initializing the environment, the Blip software allows the user to import any MIDI instrument (already loaded in Blip) and to export any Instrument MIDI track to the WAV, MP3 or AU file formats.
The 6 standard MIDI controllers (1 low-pass filter, 4 resonance, 1 volume and 2 panning) can be activated, and can be mapped to any of the cells in the grid. This way, the user can use the cell positions to control the MIDI instruments.
MIDI supported devices:
– USB MIDI (environmentally friendly)
– MIDI sequencer or synthesizer
– M-Audio MIDI board
– USB MIDI device
– MIDI Keyboard
– Midi Remote
– Other devices (see: MIDI data sources)
To synchronize the different devices, it is possible to use the MIDI clocks, the MIDI MIDI Clock, or the MIDI Real Time clock and a MIDI Clock BPM.
To set the cell/instrument mapping, it is

System Requirements For Blip:

Recommended System Specs:
Operating System: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (32/64 bit versions)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon or AMD Sempron processor
RAM: 1 GB minimum
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA Geforce 9800GT/GeForce GTX 260/GeForce GTX 560Ti
Additional Notes: 1GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT or equivalent card are required to run the game