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Selects one or more VST effects from a list.
Effects to choose from:
-Effect type:
-Order by name:
-Order by popularity:
Click “Add” to add effects in this VST effect list.
Blue Channel FAQ:
What is the difference between Blue Channel and the other VST effect editors?
Blue Channel is a plug-in that allows you to modify and save your
effect presets in the plug-in. You can design and save your effects
in a form of a preset. In order to save a preset, you must use the
“Save Preset” function of the plug-in. This feature is currently
available for free and is compatible with Windows 7.
Note: By using “Save Preset”, the preset will be saved as a preset file. This means that the preset file is saved in the same directory as the plug-in.
-Preset format:
-File Format:

The WonderMan Soundtrack is a collection of EDM mixes made by Top DJs and other electronic artists. Each track has a unique character and is designed to fit the mood of the movie. Each scene is made from a 3 to 5 minute mix. The longer tracks are suitable for DJ sets. The shorter mixes are great for airplay.

The WonderMan Soundtrack includes tracks for the dark warehouse scene, the techno/industrial scene, the electronica scene, and the club scene.

Halloween Nightcore 1.1 is an all-in-one Halloween effects set for Windows. The music that you hear throughout the whole project is the music that I DJ with.
Halloween Nightcore 1.1 Features:
-Over 550 FX presets
-Download preset bank (supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows OS)
-Free demo of all presets

The Circus FX Group is a collection of production SFX (special effects) that can be added to your projects.
This is the same SFX pack that was used in the movie “Waiting for Superman”.
Circus FX Group Features:
-Over 150 SFX that can be added to your projects
-Free demo of all SFX

Shambala Soundtrack is an original soundtrack of EDM music from around the globe. Composed by five talented artists, this project features dance music composed for the film. It is one of the largest EDM soundtracks ever made.

Blue Channel Free For Windows [March-2022]

– Create your own music with VST effect plugin which is compatible with the most of software in music production.
– Full automation function for all parameters
– High compatibility with most of music software
– High stability and quality
– Setable cross-fade time between effects
– 8 effects module with 7 stages
– Two front panel faders
– One master volume fader
– 8 DCOs with different frequencies
– Full editable factory preset
– Real-time trackable modulation on effects parameters
– Compatible with all VST host software
– 32 bit output DSP optimized
– Generate not only VST effect, but also your own sound effects
– Can save as WAV file
– Multi-language support
– Full MIDI support
– Full VST3 support
– Support almost all the parameter editing mode
– Support to view the effect’s parameters
– Support to make right click to access the parameters
– Support to create own presets and export as preset
– Support to record MIDI for parameter editing mode
– Full MIDI FX support
– 8 different FX channels
– FX parameters with MIDI FX control
– FX channels can be assign to different MIDI controller
– User can assign different FX parameters to each MIDI controller
– Synchronize FX parameter to each MIDI channel
– FX parameters can be saved into user preset
– 40 different effect modules
– 14 stage effect module
– Cross-fade effect between any 2 modules in effect stage
– Insert effect module before any parameter in a stage
– Turn effect module ON or OFF
– Two effect modules can be assigned to 8 FX channels
– User can define the module number of effect module on each FX channel
– User can edit the module number on the parameter page
– User can edit the module number on the module page
– Two dedicated MIDI controllers for FX
– Each FX channel can have dedicated MIDI channel
– Each module in effect module can have dedicated MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX parameter with different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX module with different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX channel to different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX module to different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX channel to different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX module to different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX channel to different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX module to different MIDI channel
– User can assign each FX channel to different MIDI channel

Blue Channel

This VST effect is a compressor & a de-esser. The compressor has 3 modes, the first is normal mode, which changes the input signal to a ratio from low to high, and the second is automatic mode, which changes the input signal to a ratio from low to high and the third is normal mode again.
The de-esser is an envelope follower, its four parameters are delay time, cut-off frequency, attack and release.
The compressor has a master volume control, and if set to one (while the master volume is set to zero), the effect is always turned off.
There are controls for cut-off frequency, attack and release, delay time, master volume, envelop amplitude, distortion level, compressor type (1st, 2nd or 3rd mode) and looping.
There are also two control knobs for the resonance and high-pass filter of the compressor.
Blue Channel has 3 presets for a choice: classic, modern and metal.
Blue Channel has the following features:
1. Compressor:
– Normal mode
– Automatic mode
– Normal mode again
– The master volume control
– A switch to turn the effect off
– Master volume knob
– Cut-off frequency knob
– Attack knob
– Release knob
– Delay time knob
– Envelop amplitude knob
– Distortion level knob
– Click on the button Compress to start the compressor
– Click on the button Desease to start the de-esser
– Click on the button Decorate to start the modulator
– Click on the button Envelope to start the envelope follower
– Click on the button Low Pass to start the low pass filter
– Click on the button High Pass to start the high pass filter
– Click on the button Noise to start the noise gate.
– Click on the button Resonance to start the resonance
– Click on the button Save to save the settings
2. De-esser:
– Delay time
– Cut-off frequency
– Attack
– Release
– Envelope
– High pass filter
– Low pass filter
– Save
3. Modulator:
– Envelope
– Resonance
– High pass filter
– Low pass filter
– Save
4. Noise gate:
– Attack
– Release
– Save
5. Distortion:
– Attack
– Release
– Level
6. Resonance:
– Attack

What’s New In Blue Channel?



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