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Your computer is fitted with adjustable power plans, and Windows lets you configure them to your comfort. These options are especially handy when working on laptops, letting you save just the right amount of battery power. For instance, Boot Snooze helps you initiate a clean boot, after which sets your computer to standby or hibernate.
Can be used on the go
You can go ahead and check out all it has to offer from the moment download is done, since it’s not bundled inside a setup package. This also means that you can carry it around on a thumb drive in case you need this method for other computers besides your own. Registry entries are left intact, so the health status if not affected.
It’s recommended to save all data before you perform an initial test. The application is pretty straightforward, and offers its features in a well-organized interface, with detailed descriptions, including a help manual to get you out of sticky situations. Additionally, you can enter account credentials to be automatically logged in.
Easily set operation parameters
As mentioned, the application is capable of starting the computer in standby mode, or hibernate after a fresh restart. This comes in handy for clearing all memory and having a clean boot sequence but also to keep your computer ready, without having to wait for it to boot to reach the desktop.
A couple of fields need to be filled in, representing time in minutes before a reboot, as well as the delay after reboot. This gives you the possibility to save your work, or finish the current task before putting the process in motion. On the bright side, a prompt shows up 25 seconds before system reboot, letting you abort the operation if necessary.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Boot Snooze can leave your computer in a ready state, while refreshing memory and processes. It’s pretty easy to configure, while the security prompt prevents you from accidentally losing unsaved data.







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Overview of the boot-up process of your computer. Boot Snooze runs each step of the boot-up process in the background, enabling you to work while the computer finishes setting itself up. This tool allows you to test the impact and usability of Boot up and shutdown times. Use Boot Snooze to:Synchrotron imaging mass spectrometry: a tool to analyse protein-drug conjugation.
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Boot Snooze is a smart startup application that makes your PC boot in a few seconds. Boot Snooze updates the last Windows boot entries and extends the boot time.
Main features of boot snooze:
· Automatically starts your PC in a few seconds after the system is shut down.
· Extends the startup time without rebooting.
· Windows is not restarted, and your PC runs with low power.
· Windows updates are refreshed, and programs start to run with fresh data.
· Security: Antivirus protection is updated, and there is no reset of the system.
· Easy to use: configure one or multiple startup parameters.
You can get more ideas about boot snooze from our website:

System scans your computer and finds new boot
entry options, which are merged together and applied to all
Boot entries.
Advanced options for customizing the boot process can be used
using the Toolbox. You can also customize the boot with a boot
Boot snooze reboots your computer automatically with a custom
You can use the Toolbox to customize the boot options by
grouping the results. You will have a choice to perform an
automatic clean boot after the reboot or directly start your PC
The boot will be extended by 5 seconds, which can be configured
if you want.
Reboots with Windows Update
Find all Windows updates, that is on the last used boot
option, and apply them to your system.
You can use the Toolbox to fully customize the
boot-up process.

Boot Snooze is the application that will automatically reboot your PC when you logon, but it will not restart the operating system, it will not damage your data (it will just bring your PC back to its old state after reboot), it will not end all your running processes, the shutdown process will stop everything after the reboot, although it will run the security scan.
Another great thing about Boot Snooze is that it enables you to force your system to reset every two weeks, without having to wait for it to boot every time.
Boot Snooze is also capable of extending the boot time when you start your PC. It can also update the Windows last boot entries, so your programs will work as before.

How to Install Boot Snooze Tool?
If you want to

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Boot Snooze is an app that lets you boot your computer in all possible ways, saving the current state of the system. It can be used on a permanent basis, or for something more temporary. The application has a clean interface, and is easy to use. A nicely elaborated help system and additional installation documentation can help you out. The app can not only put your system to sleep but also hibernate, restart, or boot into Safe Mode.
Key Features:
– Sleep your computer.
– Hibernate after initial boot.
– Restart.
– Start in Safe Mode.
– Set boot sequence.
– All-in-one choice.
– Boot options.
– Firmware updates.
– Option to see elapsed time until reboot.
– Lots of parameters.
Included in the package:
– Boot Snooze.exe.
– Documentation.
– Readme.txt.
– License terms.

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What’s New In Boot Snooze?

Turn your computer on to a clean, fully charged memory state.

Boot to standby mode so the system is not completely shutdown. Boot to hibernation mode so you can restore all unsaved data.

Boot Snooze – Hibernate and Standby Mode How-To Use Boot Snooze

1. Install boot snooze on your computer.
2. Boot into safe mode or boot into windows using the normal boot of your computer.
3. The power of snooze can be combined with the power of hibernation. You can keep it into the power off state or wake it up as you need.
4. You can select the power state before you shutdown your computer.
5. The program can automatically log you in with your email, if you don’t have to type the password to launch the program.
6. Kill the program when you are finished so there is no restarts.

Boot Snooze is a simple software to save your computer to an off state. It’s a system recovery software. After doing some researches on the Internet, Boot Snooze is exactly the one that can meet my needs. Hope the following steps could help you have a deep understand of Boot Snooze features.

2. Just like other Windows utility, Boot Snooze is a small executable file. Double-click on the downloaded file BootSnoozeSetup.exe, and follow the instructions.

After installing Boot Snooze, you should visit Start/Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/System and Startup/Advanced/Settings.

Here is the setting window of Boot Snooze:

Remember the program may not be available at first after running.

Boot Snooze – Clean Boot Features:

3. The first task of Boot Snooze is to set a record to your computer. To do this, just double-click BootSnooze.exe, and follow the instructions.

After you have done this, you can find the content of Boot Snooze folder inside your computer as a new folder with a drive letter (F or C:) named Reset.

Boot Snooze – Hibernate and Standby Mode Commands:

4. Double-click the BootSnooze.exe to start it. Then, select Tools/

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-2400, 2.50 GHz or AMD Athlon X4 740K, 3.40 GHz or better
DirectX: DirectX 11
HDD: 20 GB
Video: DirectX 11 video card with 8 GB of VRAM
WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n or PCI-e x16
CPU: Intel Core i