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Organizing a collection of files isn’t really a difficult task, unless you need to keep track of a large variety. When having to do with text, EasyBase wants to help you store them in a clean database in which you can also perform edit operations, while HTML support also makes it possible to analyze and modify bits of code.
Can be used on the go
First of all, the application skips you the whole effort of going through a setup process and can be launched right after download. Since it comes in a lightweight package, it’s easy to carry around on a thumb drive in case you need to use it on other computers as well. Registry entries are not modified in the process, thus keeping the target PC clean.
The visual design is minimalistic, bundling together a simple navigator for all documents you decide to add, as well as an edit pad for instant changes in text. Files, however, can’t be dropped over the main window. Each needs to be added as an individual item, with the possibility to process TXT, RTF, and even HTML files.
Leaves more to be desired
Editing itself doesn’t involve any advanced features. In fact, you only get to work with plain text, without any font customization options whatsoever. On the other hand, it’s possible to drag other files or pictures over the edit area and treat them like objects. However, saving under a plain text format might lead to the creation of a corrupt file.
As far as HTML support is concerned, the application comes with a syntax highlighter, which needs to be triggered every time. The entire document is scanned on the spot, highlighted, and arranged to make text identification easy. There is also a search function to jump to specific strings, but with no possibility to replace.
A few last words
All things considered, we can state that EasyBase is a plain text editor and HTML analyzer you can carry around, as well as the documents themselves to have them organized in a simple database. Edit options leave more to be desired, and so does the overall visual design, but can handle straightforward tasks very well.


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what does ssh command “rsync -vrHA –progress –delete” means?

I am trying to understand rsync command options.
can someone explain, what does ssh command -r means
for example:

ssh -r user@host1:host2 ‘/path/to/dir1′

I got this example from here


man rsync
I think I’ll repeat what the manpage says. rsync means “remove”, “update”, “set to current”, “succeed”, “back up”, “run asynchronously”, and a couple other things. “R” stands for remote, “S” stands for sychronous (that’s what -v means), and “H” means this is an SSH connection.
This entry in the manpage has the -r and –rsh options:
–rsh=ssh_program Run rsync using ssh program instead of rsh(1).

So, -r means “remote”. Using the rsh program on the right (rsync) allows you to use the SSH protocol (thus, the –remote option).
man rsh
You asked about SSH, but this is just a useful reference for rsh. So, I’ll quote the manpage:
-R The ssh utility has a facility to run command(s) with rsh(1) over
a shell remotely (that is, the command(s) are not run on the local
host but on a remote host). In this case a command of the form:
rsh [remote_user@]remote_host remote_command [local_command…]

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EasyBase Serial Key is a powerful text editor that is perfect for HTML and Markdown documents.
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EasyBase is a free, lightweight and portable text editor for Windows. EasyBase is free to use, light and easy to use.
EasyBase can be installed and used on any computer system.
EasyBase has very sophisticated functionalities for text editing, numbering, highlight, search, annotation, replace, open in default program, automatic process, settings, project, multiple windows, network and printing.
EasyBase is a file manager.
EasyBase can handle any type of document including RTF, text, HTML, text, binary, compressed files, compressed archive, archives and more.
EasyBase can open.zip file.
EasyBase offers a large set of features and can be used by everyone.

EasyBase Automatic Update
EasyBase is an application which can be made to auto update. You can schedule it on daily, weekly, monthly, or less often. You can schedule it whenever you like.
EasyBase Features
Reminder (New application or updated version is available),
Automatically complete and clean the file
Syntax highlighting,
Free to use,
Set file association for easy access,
File Manager,
Working settings can be managed through windows explorer and Explorer windows,
Updating notification,
Multiple panes,
Network drives support,
Read the document you want or just the next one,
Delete the current document (delete current document after download) and
Keep you private documents.
EasyBase Cost
The EasyBase cost is free to use. No payment required.
EasyBase Packages
This application is available in many packages. You may opt any one of them as per your preference.
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What’s New in the EasyBase?

EasyBase is probably the simplest and most direct tool you can add to your toolbox to organize a collection of files. It is compact, very easy to use, and flexible enough to help you easily manage any kind of text document. The program can add documents, organize them and keep track of changes made to them with only a few mouse clicks. It is extremely lightweight and can be found as a portable tool that can be dropped on a flash drive and even used on other computers.
Main Features:
– Add, organize, and edit different kinds of files.
– Drag and Drop of files.
– Scans the selected files and discovers their features.
– Runs a syntax highlighter on the files to find out their structure.
– Additions / edits / changes are kept track of by the program.
– Also Edit the files using the grid / icons system.
– Open the files in various text editors.
– Organize the files to tabs / sub-folders.
– Store the files in databases.
– Compile / Combine / Merge the files.
– Also HTML support.
You should just find the files you need and click Add to add them to the collection. You can drag and drop them over the edit area to organize them. You can select them all and run a quick scan on them to find out their type. You can then edit the files using the icons / grid system.


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EasyBase Description:
EasyBase is probably the simplest and most direct tool you can add to your toolbox to organize a collection of files. It is compact, very easy to use

System Requirements For EasyBase:

OS: Windows XP (32-bit) or Vista (32-bit) or 7 (64-bit)
CPU: 800 MHz Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible
DirectX: Version 9
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
CPU: 1 GHz Processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible
DirectX: Version 10
How to Play: