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Free Torrent Download Crack is a fast, simple BitTorrent client, providing users with an easy and intuitive way to torrent files and manage their torrents.
Watch movies and TV series, download music, play games and more – all with minimal effort. Free Torrent Download Torrent Download is easy to use and it looks good.
What’s new?
– New speed limit options.
– Added new SpeedLimit option. A value of 0 disables the throttle speed limit.
– “Exit”, “Remove” and “Priority” items are now all color-coded.
– Added “ExitFullscreen” item to “Main Menu” submenu.
– Added “Upload” item to “Settings” submenu.
– Added “Show/Hide SpeedLimit” item to “Settings” submenu.
– Added “Download SpeedLimit” item to “Settings” submenu.
– Now offers up to date information regarding network information.
– Now offers up to date information regarding tracker information.
– Added color coding for “SpeedLimit” in “Settings” submenu.
– Customize a skins folder.
– Added a “Customize Skin” submenu.
– Added a “Download Language” item to “Main Menu” submenu.
– Added a “Customize SpeedLimit” submenu.
– Added a “Customize SpeedLimit” submenu.
– Added a “Customize Preferences” submenu.
– Added “Hide” and “Show” items to “Customize preferences” submenu.
– Added “Search All Files”, “Search Only Downloaded Files” and “Search All Media” items to “Search files” submenu.
– Added “Search All Media” item to “Settings” submenu.
– Added “Add Folder” and “Remove Folder” items to “Torrent details” submenu.
– Added “Invoke client when download complete” and “Invoke client when torrent finished downloading” items to “Settings” submenu.
– Added “Evaluate UPNP port mapping” item to “Settings” submenu.
– Added “Show Transmission” item to “Settings” submenu.
– Added an “Open Torrent” item to “Menu” submenu.
– Added “Choose folder to open torrents” item to “Menu” submenu.
– Added “Multiple torrents” item to “Menu” submenu.
– Added “Exit application” item to “Menu”

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FTP client for Windows that lets you upload and download files over a local area network and FTP server.

It includes a preview mode that allows you to browse SFTP servers, FTP directories and SFTP/FTPS and FTP/SFTP sites without needing to type the full path of the directory you are browsing. Another useful feature is the ability to quickly browse your FTP / SFTP server with all the details available.

Easy to use and add new servers with many options that makes it very easy to setup.

This file downloader is the most popular file manager, especially because of its archive manager. Its quick search feature is much better than others.

The package includes a word processor too.


News viewer for Windows. It allows to view different newsgroups and RSS and Atom newsfeeds and shows you what others have on their own newsfeeds and newsgroups. An intuitive user interface and an excellent selection of ways to customize the app for your needs make it an essential part of any Windows and Mac desktop.

Image gallery for Windows. Supports image loading from local and remote sources and lets you browse your collection, and save/display both JPEG and GIF images. In-built file manager and image processing tools ensure that you can edit the images through batch processing, replace or merge, resize, rotate and transform, align, and even flip and crop.

Remote file browser for Windows. Allows you to browse FTP, webdav, SFTP, FTP-S, HTTPS, WebDAV, FTP/S, SFTP/S, HTTPS/S, NetBIOS, L2TP, PPTP, SOCKS, VPN, Socks, and MSSQL servers, and perform file management operations on remote servers. Built-in FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and FTP/S client makes it easy to upload and download files from remote servers.

Screen reader for Windows. The software enables blind and visually-impaired people to follow the actions of application programs and complete them by reading their screen content aloud. It works for all Windows applications.

Zip file manager for Windows. This is the most commonly-used solution for archiving and compressing multiple files, and extracting archived data. The software has a very clean interface and the features are easy to use.

News reader for Windows. It allows you to stay up-to-date with latest and breaking news from online news sources, keeping you informed

Free Torrent Download Crack +

‘Free Torrent Download’ is an incredibly useful file sharing tool. Perhaps the only cool thing about it is the name. Yes, it’s a free application, and the name is all about how it does free things. The name refers to how the application does things, as in: ‘Freeware’. This is a torrent client, and a file sharing app. It can be used as a downloader and an uploader. Also, it can be used to search torrents online.

It’s a somewhat small application, but it has all the basic features to get you started, and then you can always expand on it.


FTP Support

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BitTorrent Usage

RSS Feeds

HTTP Proxy Support

Control Queue

Can be used for Torrents only

HD/SD Support

P2P Mode

Multiple languages support




Accepts “Yes” / “No”

This is a torrent downloader. This is a bit torrent application.

Software Name

Free Torrent Download





System Types



OS Version

Windows XP/Vista/7



More about Free Torrent Download


3.97 MB


100,000 – 500,000



Free Torrent Download is a freeware BitTorrent client with an easy-to-use interface. Open and manage your torrents from anywhere. Free Torrent Download supports both BitTorrent and magnet link download. It has the following features:

Free Torrent Download Supports BitTorrent and magnet link download simultaneously.

It’s possible to pause and resume downloads, apply force if the regular startup option doesn’t work, re-arrange torrents in the queue, edit their labels, open containing folders in your default file manager, as well as remove torrents with or without associated data.

Furthermore, you can add new torrent trackers, view torrent information, files, peers and trackers on the bottom part of the screen in different tabs, and set the priority level of one or multiple selected torrents to normal, above normal or high.

What’s New In?

Easy-to-use personal torrent downloader – now without ads!
Unblock BitTorrent download with this new tool!
This application is no adware, but it’s still unobtrusive in use because it has a clean and modern interface, without a bunch of useless features.
It works very similar to most of the classic BitTorrent clients – you can add torrents from files and URLs, manage them through folders or create your own torrents.
The application is easy to use, it supports several languages, is light and fast.
It’s also a very useful tool for torrent downloaders who are looking for an alternative to the annoying, obtrusive ads which many torrent clients have (including classic ones).
What’s more, Free Torrent Download can pause and resume all torrent downloads, and can display a system status in the taskbar.
It’s possible to choose the priority level for all torrents (normal, above normal, high) and to control the speed when downloading, but you can also configure the Bandwidth limit (GB/MB).
You can also limit the remaining time that a download has to be finished (0 means no limit), the maximum number of concurrent downloads, and the name length (0 means unlimited).
In order to reduce your PC’s impact on torrent download speed, it’s possible to set the application to autorun at start-up, and to launch it automatically after all torrents have been downloaded. You can also hide the status windows.
It’s possible to remove the application’s icon from the taskbar (right click and remove), to clear the downloaded torrents, or to limit the torrent names length (0 means unlimited).
The application displays a special status bar on the bottom of the interface with useful information about the download: The remaining time to complete the download, the current download speed, and the current average download speed.
What’s more, it’s possible to have a counter under the torrent’s name, to set up a list of “trusted” trackers in the “Tracker List” tab, and to search for torrents online using the “Search” tab.
You can create your own torrent files in specific folders, add download files and torrent links from files and URLs, customize the app window layout, add a feature filter to the “View” menu, keep the torrent’s information on exit, show the “Download”-status in the taskbar, hide the “Free Torrent Download”-interface when running under Windows, switch between the

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Processor: 3.2 GHz processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Webcam: Integrated 720p webcam.
Processor: 3.4 GHz processor
Memory: 12 GB RAM