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Icon Extractor Package application was designed to help users who would like to extract Icons from executable files or libraries and copy or save them as icon- or bitmap files.
With its help, you can easily grab icon files from any executable, save it locally and use it in any way you want to.







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— The most useful icon extractor application for your PC!
This tool will help you to easily extract any type of Icons from executable (executables) or libraries that include icons in their code. After you extract icon, you will be able to modify it, save it in local folder, copy it, upload it to any website or copy it in any other type of files.

A few words about the program:

Icon Extractor Package Crack Free Download is the program designed with ease-of-use in mind, which will help you easily extract any type of Icons from executable files. Program’s designers tried to create an intuitive interface with minimal and fast data entry. So, if you’ll extract icons manually, you’ll waste time.

To sum it up: Save time, enjoy using a new icon format and request a refund within 60 days.

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Icon Extractor Package Crack Download [32|64bit]

* Extract Icons from exe, ocx, dll, pcl and other executable files and save them to a specified folder.
* Fix up the icon sizes of icons found in Icons.
* Select a replacement icon for those Icons.
* Grab Icons from any folder of any executable.
* Icon Extractor Package use Bitmapv4.exe as a converter for creating or saving Icons.
* The program support the automatic search for similar or replacement Icons when extracting Icons from EXE files.
* The program supported drag-and-drop for setting icons for EXE files.
* The program support the drag-and-drop to set icons for OLE Control/Library files.
* The program can use custom icons.
* The program support the multiple icons in Icons list for EXE, OCX, DLL files.


Robert Lisunov

Demo version, Shareware

26 Mar 2006

File Size:
2,429 KB

Access date:
26 Mar 2006

Last Stand!

There’s an old saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. What if you want to use Windows icons, but you don’t like Windows icons?
This is what Icon Extractor Package lets you do.
Icon Extractor allows you to extract Windows icons from executables, libraries and DLL files and save them to PNG, BMP and ICO image formats.

You can choose to extract or to replace Windows icons.
You can view the extracted Windows icons in all forms or you can save them as bitmap files.
If you don’t have Windows, you can use icon viewer to view icons or you can save them as bitmap file directly in your Windows PC.

And more…

Applications like Icon Viewer, Windows Explorer and WinAce Icon Extractor can open icons from exe, ocx, dll, and other executable files.
Click the mouse and drag icons from WinAce from Windows Explorer or from other programs.

Icon Extractor Package Available Forms:

* Icon Viewer – Here you can view icons extracted from executable or from other files.
* Icon Extractor – Here you can extract or replace icons from any EXE, ocx, dll or other executable file.
* Icon Viewer

Icon Extractor Package Download [2022-Latest]

Extracts the icons from your executable, saves it in binary, jpg, png, tif and vector (SVG) formats. Any icon file formats supported by Icon Workshop is supported.

Export and backup the icons for the executable using a batch conversion and compression method.

Presets for icon extractions, fixes and adjustments can be selected for faster, more professional work.

Edit and open the extracted icon files in Icon Workshop or any other software.

This utility is great for those who would like to take their favorite application icons from any executable and use them in their programs or web pages.

Options include the following:

Produce compressed icon files without zero-size compression.

Produce compressed icon files with zero-size compression.

Produce icon files with various compression levels.

Auto-adjust the icon sizes before saving.

Extract and export icons from any executable file.

Convert and save icon files in any vector file format (*.svg) supported by Icon Workshop or other software.

Open icon files in Icon Workshop or other software.

Export only required icon files.

Import only required icon files.

Exclude some of the generated icon files.

Exclude some of the copied icons.

Preview icon files before exporting.

Set the icon size in the application icon presets.

Change the icon size for the exported icon files.

Export the icon files in various sizes for publishing on the web pages.

Extract and export the icons from any executable file with batch processing.

Create the icon files for your application icon presets using icons from the executable file.

Icons can be used for your applications desktop themes, web pages and more.

You can also compare icons to see how an icon fits with existing ones.

Add and edit your icons in Icon Workshop.

Unable to open icons in Icon Workshop?

After installing the Icon Extractor Package application you can import any icon files created from an executable file to Icon Workshop.

And Icon Extractor is a great tool because it’s simple and easy to use. You can easily grab icons from any executable, save it locally and use it in any way you want to.

With its help, you can easily grab icon files from any executable, save it locally and use it in any way you want to.

About Icon Extractor Package

What’s New in the Icon Extractor Package?

* Installer:
Installer presents main window for you to install Icon Extractor Package (IEP) application.
* New Project Window:
Before you can use Icon Extractor Package application you must first create new project. To do it you must press “Create New project” button in New Project Window.
* Open file/folder/images window:
To select file, folder or image as a source for extraction, you must go to “Open file/folder/images window” tab. You must choose required folder or file from tree view of “Open file/folder/images window” tab and press “Next” button.
* Icon/bitmap extraction:
If you selected “Open file/folder/images window” and then “Next” button, you have already selected a required folder or a file.
Now you can press “Extract” button to show “Extract in folder…” window or press “Extract” button for each icon or bitmap in selected file, folder or image and press “Extract icon/bitmap” button.
* Help window:
After extracting, you can save downloaded icon/bitmap to any folder on your computer by pressing “Save to” button.
* Update icon/bitmap:
If you want to use extracted icon/bitmap as a source, you can update existing icon/bitmap in your project by going to “Open file/folder/images window” tab and press “Update icon/bitmap”.
* Check license:
To check license you should press “Check license…” button on “License and features” tab. After that, you can view licensing information for IEP application.
* “About Icon Extractor Package” window:
You can view information about IEP application in “About Icon Extractor Package” window.

Icon Extractor Package Features:
Icon Extractor Package application can be used for grabbing icon or bitmap from any executable or library.
With its help, you can grab icon/bitmap from a Windows executable or library and copy or save it as icon- or bitmap file.
Icon Extractor Package can extract from:.dll,.exe,.ico,.exe,.ocx and many others.
Icon Extractor Package application is compatible with all major 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
* Compatible with 32-bit, 64-bit Windows:
Icon Extractor Package is a universal 32-bit and 64-

System Requirements:

Windows 7 – 8.1 64-bit
Intel i5-2500K 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 3.6 GHz or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7770 2GB or better
16 GB available space
Minimum 1,024 x 768 Screen Resolution
All Windows versions
Mac OS X: 10.11.1
Windows 8.1 or later
Intel i5-3470 3.2 GHz /