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6. E. Andreev: I am listening to you carefully.
A. Shchigolev: Have you decided to cooperate with us yet?
E. Nikolaev: Uh…Yes,
would like to take part in
A. Shchipkov: That is. you are undecided in your choice?
Y. Samarin: Of course not.
The questions were asked after A. Antoshin gave the example of two Russian expert centers, very powerful in the field of artificial intelligence, which, in his opinion, cannot claim the role of development centers in our country. An interesting point. Oleg Vasiliev, scientific director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence “Computer Engineering Center”, reacted to this. He said that A. Shchigolev has a website where you can find out what it is, but “it’s not evening yet.”
V. Solovyov: Oleg, let’s first listen to V. Solovyov’s report, then I will ask questions to both of our experts.

V.S.S.: You know, we were also very interested in how it would work and how it happened.
Well, first of all, you know, I have already said many times, even last year in the Russian
of the Computing Science conference, what is being done on the development of artificial intelligence today
accumulator of multi-stage financing. And now at the conference we
We are in favor of financing multi-stage development financing
artificial intelligence, not optional. One form of funding
which we are discussing here is the budget financing of the development of algorithms
There is a research project. Next, we become a division
strategic orders and recruit contractors who will deal with
development of technical specifications for algorithms. Applications start next.
work on the creation of applied machines. Participating in the project
educational institutions (Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Higher School of Economics and others),
who order specialists who deal with algorithms,
develop an algorithm that we pass on to our contractors who
algorithms will be developed.
And the second interesting point: I will not hide, on the part of our company
(see epigraph) it was very nice to hear from Mr. Andronov