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MixW is a multi mode multi functional software for every day logging and Contests. It has many useful features that make your QSO logging process almost a 100% automatic procedure.







MixW [April-2022]

Easy to use GUI and a friendly voice prompts you through the easy steps for setup, entry and editing.

Entries are added one by one from the list in the GUI directly and in the QSL Editor it is done by copy and paste. You can edit individual fields in the QSL editor as well as the entire QSL when saving it on disk.

WXLog is our flagship program. It enables you to automatically store a log of all your QSOs in the database. The log of your QSOs will be stored in the database and can be later entered into new log entries.

The program provides various ways to edit your logs, whether you wish to copy it to clipboard or open it in a specific program.

MixW includes over 50 different categories to be used as your own. You can now have all of your QSOs entered under one program without the need of having multiple loggers or entering QSOs in as many programs as you like. All in all MixW will save your log production time and make your QSO logging process very comfortable.

MixW version History:

2010-05-26: VER 1.0

MixW 1.0 is now ready. Please download this version from our homepage on 2009.06.20.

MixW 1.0 contains the following major features:

-Added a new category, “Other”, containing new and more intelligent QSO entries.-Main menu features a “Colorize labels” setting that lets you see the entries in the different categories in color or black and white.-QSO statuses are now added to the log entries.-View history of the QSO entries is added for all entries.-Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.-New GUI style.

QSL Editor

-Added multiline label in the QSL Editor.


-Added new features to the WXLog database settings panel.


-Added multiline tool for the QSL Editor.

2011-09-21: VER 1.1

MixW 1.1 is now ready.

MixW 1.1 contains the following major features:

-The Windows XP/Vista User Interface now includes a context menu for the main menu items.-The Windows XP/Vista User Interface is now in English.

QSL Editor

-A new category for “

MixW Crack +

MixW Crack Free Download is software for making contests and log using the log list form. Your log will be stored into the log file on the disk automatically every 6 hours. MixW has a powerful function which includes:

Cox Test, it will automatically select the best frequency by the software and will print the option table for selecting the frequency for the next logging.

Tuneable Averaging, you can control the time of averaging in a step-by-step mode, but only during the logging process.

Tuneable Replay, it will replay the contest or log that the software is performing for you, by default.

Sleep Function, it will automatically sleep your computer for a scheduled time.

Sleep Function, it will automatically sleep your computer for a scheduled time, but you can cancel this function.

Pause Function, it will pause the logging process until you press the Pause Button on the main window, and you can also cancel this function.

MixW Features:


MixW can perform many functions automatically. MixW supports different modes of operation and processing. MixW has this functions:





MixW can process the log list, you can add any number of log for a contest into the log list. In this way, you can save some time and more importantly, the correct frequency and time log. MixW processes log list in the batches.

Processing of the log list will be performed every 6 hours automatically, if the log list is not empty, the corresponding process will be started automatically.

MixW will determine automatically the best frequency for next logging process. The option table will be printed automatically for you to select the frequency for the next logging.

MixW supports the function of replaying the contest or log, the replay will be executed every 6 hours automatically for a contest. MixW will select automatically the best frequency for the replay process.

MixW supports the function of playback. The replay will be performed automatically for logged contests at the time set by MixW.


MixW performs the process of handling the winning that the software has performed. It has this processing functions:

Winning Log: You can set the winning log file name manually or auto, the auto option is enabled by default. It will be found in a listing box for you to choose.


MixW Full Version Free [2022-Latest]

MixW is an automatic QSO logging system. All you have to do is to set the location of the contest entry and the log is generated automatically.
After the contest is over, the log is transferred to the contest results web page and the log is published as a pdf file.
MixW is a cross platform freeware – Windows/Linux/Mac.
Please check the individual features of MixW before buying.
Functions of MixW:
Contests are imported from MixW or directly from the ARRL website.
Logs can be exported as a pdf file. The log can be exported to the file type of your choice.
Logs can be exported as MML (for QRP stations), HTML (for log groupings), TSV (for ASCII), CSV (for CSV), XLS (for Windows compatibility), and XLSX (for docbook compatible).
Logs can be exported to different Log Export destinations. MixW can export log files to your email account, to a FTP server, to CD (not included), etc.
Includes QST Automation scripts for importing, exporting, and logging QSOs made by QST editors.
Includes various functions of MU for logging and logging discounts.
MixW has localization in many languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, and Polish.
MixW is an Open Source project and is under active development.
MixW has been tested on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
Please check the individual functions and features of MixW before buying.

Aldis RSAT is a powerful semi automatic software for logbook and logging in ARRL contests.
This is now a full version of Aldis software package. In addition to the features of the previous version, this version of Aldis RSAT can be used for mobile contest with the option of using GPS for contest location.
This is also an open source software, not only free, but also freeware – made available under the GPL License.
Aldis RSAT Description:
Aldis RSAT is an automated software for contest logging and contest entry. Aldis RSAT can log all types of ARRL contests and offer various contest entry options.
This software lets you log over 200 QSOs easily with one click.
Aldis RSAT is an automatic software for contest logging and contest entry. It can log all types

What’s New In MixW?

The program allows you to add to your logging up to eight HF radio frequencies (AMS, FEPS, Metis and Iridium).

FREE. The version contains a special optimization feature: it will send you a copy of your logging. Important points will be highlighted for your develepment. This version is useful when you have a limited time.

Get lost? The program is very easy to use. With a small explanation you will be able to configure MixW for your needs. It can be a good training tool for your preparation to other multi functional logging software.

Here is a description of the current version:

1. MixW is an advanced logging program for Contests, CW(CW1) and CW(CW2) communications, showing a lot of important information in one view. The software allows you to add to your logging up to eight HF radio frequencies (AMS, FEPS, Metis and Iridium).

2. MixW can be run in a floating or a stacked window mode. MixW also supports preview mode and training log feature.

3. MixW can be used as a special logger. The program is very easy to use. With a small explanation you will be able to configure MixW for your needs. It can be a good training tool for your preparation to other multi functional logging software.

4. MixW will allow you to send a copy of your logging to you e-mail address. Important points will be highlighted for your development.

5. MixW can be sent as an e-mail attachment to your log server. You can now log in the log server and then send you a copy by e-mail with click of a button.

1. Window mode:
MixW can be used in floating window mode where the log screen is a separate window. The interface is simular to some open source software(like Akelos, QSO Panel). In case of a stacked log window the Log editing tools will be shown below the list of contest frequencies.

2. Column mode:
In log column mode the log window will be split into several columns with different functions. The log editing tools will be at the right of each column.

3. Compression:
In this mode MixW will compress its output (parsed logs) in smaller files. This mode is selected by selecting the top right checkbox.

4. Show KHz/

System Requirements For MixW:

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