Nicera Screen Capture Free

With Nicera Screen Capture application you will be able to capture anything, anywhere on the screen, instantly!
Instant screen capture using only the mouse or with hotkeys! The easiest way of capturing images:
■ right mouse button click and hold
■ left mouse button click and drag selection
Here are some key features of “NICERA SCREEN CAPTURE”:
■ Selection types: free hand, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, any window, active window, desktop.
■ Screen capture types: clipboard, database, email, fax, image file, compressed file, icon/cursor file, animation file, graphic editor, ICQ, printer, screen saver, wallpaper, web server.
■ File formats: PNG (Portable Network Graphics), BMP (Windows bitmap), DIB (Device Independent Bitmap), JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).
■ Timer feature: activate the timer to capture sequential images on a period of time.
■ Miscellaneous: repeat last capture hot keys, capture cursor, show selection size.
■ 30 days evaluation period







Nicera Screen Capture Download [March-2022]

“NICERA SCREEN CAPTURE” is a screen capture tool for your Windows computers. By using a hotkey you can capture any window or area of the screen in a single click and save it as a screen shot. You can use it as a screen capture tool to capture your personal or business related activities. Use it as a screen capture tool to capture or print the screen at any time.
This program is particularly useful to capture web pages or videos from YouTube for easy sharing with your friends or colleagues.
By using this application you will be able to easily capture any of the following types of screens:
■ “Desktop”
■ “Active window”
■ “Any window”
■ “Any window in any application”
■ “Background Window”
■ “Active desktop”
You can use this tool to capture the computer screen and save it in the following types of formats:
■ Icon, Cursor, BMP, JPEG, GIF, DIB, PNG, TIFF.
Use the hotkey function to capture any window or selection on the screen.
Save your capture in a range of formats.
“NICERA SCREEN CAPTURE” requires very few resources and has the smallest footprint of any screen capture program.
Installation Instructions:
Extract the entire archive file to a suitable location on your PC.
Copy and paste the following installation script into an empty Notepad file.
Important! Before you can start using the application you must register it.
After registration, you can remove the registration information from the application by following the instructions from the screen.
Download Nicera Screen Capture

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December 31, 2008, 12:27 PM

Gotta say, I agree with most of what Mike had to say. But it’s really hard to know what is too much or too little. I just asked for a list of hotkeys and I was swamped with 40-50 suggestions. I also have a lot of different programs that I’ve installed and/or downloaded over time, so it’s difficult to know where one starts and another stops.

I’m not a pro at this, but I’m going

Nicera Screen Capture Crack+ [Latest]

Screen capture macros recorded to executable files, and can be distributed as web links.
Every macro is recorded on the recording file. No extra software is required.
1. Keymacro use is just the keyboard, without mouse.
2. It is easy to edit and modify macros.
3. The macros can be scheduled to be run at a specific time, run them in a loop, pause between each loop, play from the start of the recorded sequence or re-play a sequence that is paused or completed.
4. Using macros, you can record to any folder, and that any file to capture.
5. All of the recorded macros are recorded to a single file. You can generate any number of macros and then burn them to DVD.
6. Keyboard macros can run multiple windows to capture.
7. If the audio is not recognized, it can be saved into a WAV or MPA file.
8. A ScreenCapture.ini file is created automatically to hold a list of Macros, Recording, and Timing information.
9. Scheduled macros can be run with a single press of the keyboard.
10. Use keymacro in a loop so you can capture the same image several times in succession.
11. Keymacro can be distributed as URL or email links that can be opened in a browser.
12. You can record the Screenshot to a.scr file, and download the file to the computer.
13. You can record the Screenshot to a.txt file. It can be viewed with Notepad.
14. If you need to alter the macro file, you can change the recorded sequences in the.txt file.
Download free download here:

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The X-ray Vision plug-in can be used with any image that is composed of a single image. This plug-in is for the Image compositor, not for the render engine.
Here are some key features of X-ray Vision

Nicera Screen Capture PC/Windows

NICERA Screen Capture is a powerful screen capture tool for screen shots, video screenshots, website screenshots, and more. Using the method of control, you can capture any portion of the screen, and the system will “capture” it automatically. You can capture anything you can see on the computer screen, so it is simple and easy to use.
Easy to operate.
■ Button-Mapping: Map keyboard keys to hotkeys.
■ Double-Click action: Automatically capture one window after another.
■ Unlimited capture file type: Supports any type of capture file.
■ Timer function: You can capture a particular portion of the screen in a regular time interval.
■ Capture cursor: You can capture the current mouse cursor as a screenshot.
■ Capture the currently active window.
■ Support the capture of the active window or any window.
■ Advanced hot keys: Only one screen shot or video can be captured at a time.
■ Support any default graphic interface programs, such as OpenOffice, Mozilla, Winamp, Internet Explorer, any browser.
■ Customize the interface and the capture quality
■ Support all screen sizes: capture the full screen or just a part of the screen.
■ Capture the window thumbnail by clicking the mouse
■ Full and easy to use interface.
■ Supports all major graphic platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows CE/Mobile/Mobile 7.5/7.51/7.51, OS/2, Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000, and even Unix.
About Nicera:
NICERA is an international company based in Taiwan, one of the world’s leading suppliers of computer peripherals and professional software for the Computer, Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications, and Medical industries. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, NICERA has released a large number of innovative products, products, including many award-winning software titles. NICERA’s vision is to provide excellent customer service and products, enabling our customers to have the best experience in their computing endeavors.
Technical support:
Technical support contact list.
0-10 working days 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week (For RMA requests).
Our Product
(For any additional product information, please contact support@nicera.

What’s New in the?

NICERA SCREEN CAPTURE is an easy to use screen capture and screen recording software.
The software is easy to use and very fast.
NICERA SCREEN CAPTURE allows you to capture images, video and GIF from the screen, using only the mouse, with hotkeys.
You can capture any window on the desktop, or capture any screen area using the free hand mode.
You can save the captured file to your hard drive. You can capture files to the clipboard, to the database, to an email, or to the fax or to your web server.
Capture files:
– PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
– BMP (Windows bitmap)
– DIB (Device Independent Bitmap)
– JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).
Capture files types:
– Image files:.png,.jpeg,.gif.
– Clipboard files:.db,.eml,.tiff,.txt,.mov,.wmv,.wma,.xls,.ppt,.pptx,.rtf,.doc.
Capture files sizes:
– Any size: 100×100 pixels and large files.
– 80×80 pixels: screen capture
– 64×64 pixels: screen capture
Capture types:
– Free hand mode
– Clipboard
– Database
– Email
– Fax
– Icon/Cursor file
– Graphic editor
– Printer
– Screen saver
– Wallpaper
– Web server
Capture window areas:
– Desktop
– Any window
Capture selection types:
– Polygon
– Ellipse
– Any window
Capture screens:
– Desktop
– Any screen
Capture screen sizes:
– Any screen area (any sized)
– Screen capture: any size
Save files:
– Desktop: My documents
– Any window: Desktop
– Active window: Desktop
– Desktop: Start menu
– Any window: Start menu
– Desktop: User’s desktop
– Any window: User’s desktop
Capture files format:
– Any format
Capture files formats:
Capture files sizes:
– 100×100 pixels
– 80×80 pixels
– 64×64 pixels
– Any size
Capture files size:
– Any size
Capture file types:
– Any file type
– Image file:.png,.jpeg,.gif
– Clipboard file:.db,.eml,.tiff,.txt,.mov,.wmv,.wma,.xls,.ppt,.pptx,.rtf,.doc
Capture files size

System Requirements For Nicera Screen Capture:

Windows 98, Windows 98se, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
Single-Core CPU
Minimum 2 GHz
512 MB RAM
Internet connection
The game doesn’t work well in all situations with low specification systems. Before starting the game, we recommend you to check whether your system meets our minimum requirements.
Also, if you’re playing with a different language than the one we’ve set, the game might not be