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Owl For IIS Crack + Download

Owl for IIS is a very simple and yet an incredibly powerful tool that aims to serve as a basis to quickly understand the network interactions of your web application. The utility is quite easy to configure, it only requires a few parameters, namely:

Start URL – Specify the URL of the website that you want to assess.

Request Details – Set the HTTP request details, such as the selected method, the protocol, the port, URI and other parameters.

Result File – Specify the destination file where the statements will be saved. The utility will attempt to save it to a location which is writable.

Note that this is a tiny utility and does not come with many features. It was designed to be simple and quickly understanding the interactions between a given website and the network. If you are interested in the utility, you can download it from GitHub by clicking on the following link.
The vendor provides a free trial of the tool. You can sign up for it by clicking on the following link.

Application Identification
Before we go through the installation process, let’s go through how the tool works.

There is a module that is responsible for analyzing the traffic and it will:

identify the website and web app by fetching data from one of the following sources:

Google Analytics of the website that you specified;

HTTP headers that are sent from the website that you specified;

HTTP headers that are received by the website that you specified.

One of the most interesting aspects of the application is its tool to analyze not just the active requests but also the pending requests that were not executed. This includes services such as Redis, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, MySQL, Amazon S3, Kafka, Spokes etc. That is because all the service providers usually store data that is temporarily or automatically refreshed in their systems.

When you pass all the above information to the application, it will highlight any red flag and provide context-related information about it. Hence, all the information is in the form of a comprehensive report in which you will have access to the following:

Website and Web app details;

User details (name and IP);

Pending requests, identified by a unique identifier;

The IP address and the timestamp of the SQL.

How to Install

1. Download the package. To do so, click on the button below.

2. Extract the contents of the archive and

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Owl for IIS is a tiny utility that allows you to correlate the SQL statements that the web application is executing in runtime with the user details, namely the name and IP. Therefore, because the data being collected is eventually executed, it means that no SQL can hide under sophisticated attacks.
In fact, the output of the query is provided to you on a file that includes all critical information, namely the processID, user IP address, captured SQL and the timestamp. The utility can also act as the last line of defense after the WAF has been tricked by a potential hacker. As you probably know, WAF or the Web Application Firewall is known to have some limitations and can allow hackers to create a backdoor dedicated to malicious code.
Owl for IIS Screenshot:

Owl for IIS Review:

Owl for IIS is a small utility that allows you to look at all the SQL statements being executed in a web application. It was designed to expose all the critical information such as SQL, injected scripts, user IP address, and even the working directory within a web application. The utility was designed in a way that allows you to capture all of this data right after the web application executes a request.
For each request, it can capture the OS, browser type, the user agent and the version of the PHP or ASP.NET that is being used. It is important to point out that this is not a web debugger. It was designed to correlate the actual queries executed with the user details and to expose this data as soon as a request is executed.

Owl for IIS Platform:


Owl for IIS Site URL:

Owl for IIS Pricing:

Paid Version, $40.00, One Time.

Owl for IIS Downloads

*Update July 25, 2014:

1. The Free Version is currently not working. It used to work correctly before, but, not anymore.
2. The Professional Version is not working as of today. You need to contact Owl for IIS directly to ensure that this version of the utility will work for you.
3. An update for the Free Version is coming very soon.

Owl for IIS has been tested on several platforms and web servers. It is not a web debugger and it is not meant to provide the user with any type of information about the

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Owl for IIS is a tool that can be employed to search for any SQL statements used in a web application. It displays a list with the SQL details and the processID of the corresponding process. The utility is able to be executed either using the built-in command-line prompt or using the Task Scheduler in case of Microsoft Windows computers. In addition, the tool is able to detect the rate of queries per second (RPS) and attempt to correlate it with the IP addresses.

Why Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server:

SQL is an important tool in today’s world as it is widely used in most of the applications, ranging from database administration to web applications. However, with all the popular databases and platforms that they support, not all databases are as secure. For example, Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL are all noted for their security due to the fact that they avoid the usage of SELECT * or the notorious SELECT INTO. In this sense, SQL injection is a common occurrence that is potentially destructive because it is able to steal data or corrupt the database.
The tool that I have reviewed today is not limited to the specific database but instead, the utility is capable to work on any platform that supports the SQL syntax. The tool is able to integrate seamlessly with the HTTP and HTTPS servers and has been proven by an extensive, real-world testing. While this is a very useful feature, it is not always the case when a web application is developed on MySQL or SQL Server.

Selecting and running a process:

The tool does not always need to be launched manually. You can use the Task Scheduler to launch it any time that you are not using the application.

Selecting an application to monitor:

The main window of the utility includes the list of all web applications available on a server. Once the process is detected, it will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. When the table is displayed, you can sort the list based on processID, query rate or the date and time.
Owl for IIS Setup Requirements:


Simple enough. All you have to do is to download the downloaded utility to your computer or use the attached.zip file. Next, you will need to extract the downloaded files in order to create a folder. The utility will be copied inside the extracted folder and all of the required folders will be created. The files include the following:

Setting up the application

It is recommended

What’s New In?

The utility comes packed with an extremely simple interface that allows you to define multiple rules that can be triggered and processed on-the-fly.

When the rule is triggered, OWL will track all SQL statements executed and correlated the user details with the system. Therefore, you can see every time a new SQL statement is executed and the user details pertaining to that statement. Since some SQL statements are critical, you can get a log that will display some errors as well as instructions on how to fix them.

OWL is the perfect tiny tool to use as a part of your security monitoring process. It can be easily run using a standard CMD or PowerShell command. It can be used to check if there are any security breaches in your Windows-based application because it can be used as a valuable defense tool. OWL does not have any form of bruteforcing or brute-force activity. In other words, no password cracking or cracking brute-force activities are supported.

For your convenience, here is a video of what the OWL utility looks like:

Owl for IIS Licensing:

You can evaluate OWL for IIS for 1 week on a single server. It is totally free and it also supports online and offline mode. During the evaluation period, you can use the tool in offline mode as many times as you want. After the free trial period, you can use the tool in online mode as often as you want for free.

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– Keyboard and mouse

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