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Many computers are running multiple background applications and services that operate without being noticed. If they stop working it can be difficult to tell or if they begin slowing down your computer, you may not know what is causing it. Service Protector allows users to monitor multiple service applications and shut them down or restart them if they begin to fail in any way.
Track various applications easily and with a range of back up features to support them
Service Protector doesn’t just track applications to see if they freeze or crash in the background, the application provides a host of different features. Users can arrange an automatic restart or schedule one several hours after it a service fails. Run specific commands when an application stops. If it exceeds memory or CPU usage it can be stopped, with checks able to be scheduled at specific times.
These features cover most possible contingencies and the application even includes an email feature to notify you if a service fails. A mobile SMS feature could be another way to notify users, a feature that the application doesn’t include, but, even so, the range of features shouldn’t disappoint. The application goes to great lengths to be as customizable as possible and the results are clear and easy to use.
A clear interface that is responsive and user friendly, and also comes at a price
The application is clearly of a professional quality level and it shows in the way the application is displayed. The efficiency of the contextual menus and the icons all show a significant level of care and attention put into its design that many users might appreciate. This does all come at a price though, the application is not free or particularly cheap. A big question is if the price is worth it.
A short answer is yes. The application performs its task exceptionally well and has a great range of features and additional options that the application doesn’t specifically need to perform its primary function. Individual services can be stopped without impacting others, the application even offers customizable scripting options for advanced users. It does not fail in any particular area.
Performs an important task, quickly and effectively with a range of customizable, additional features
To conclude, the application is perfect for users who have a large number of background processes and services. Especially if those users also suffer from sluggish performance and system crashes on a regular basis. While the application is not free for those who have to deal with poor computer performance, it might be a price worth paying. Those who do, will not be disappointed.


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Service Protector is a freeware application, that after the installation, displays a window in which you can search for services and applications. The system automatically launches it.
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Service Protector Free Download X64

Service Protector is perfect for monitoring multiple background applications and services to ensure they work fine. If an application or service stops working, it can restart automatically or the computer can be sent into a maintenance mode where it can keep running.
If the application or service stops working, Service Protector can restart it. It can also send the computer into maintenance mode. The computer can run normally, even if the software that makes the computer work isn’t working. Service Protector includes a system repair screen that allows users to repair system files. All system files are backed up during regular system backups.
Service Protector runs in the background, and it is possible to start and stop it without
Your computer runs multiple background applications and services that all work together to make it run smoothly. If one stops working it can be hard to tell and they might not tell you the reason why they have stopped working. They might also stop working for no particular reason. As your computer runs more and more of these applications and services, you might begin to have sluggish performance and have issues with the application crashing.
Service Protector provides a way to monitor multiple applications and services at the same time. Services can be monitored with additional application features. These include an automatic restart of the service when the computer goes into maintenance mode, restarting of services, or even restarting the computer. Monitoring multiple services, even when they have been disabled, prevents any issues with them when the computer is in use.
Service Protector has a range of command line options for extra control over the applications and services. The application can be started and stopped with individual commands. These can include batch commands that the applications can be started at the same time, programs that monitor the memory usage of the application. The applications can also be started with warnings if they exceed certain limits and this information can be sent to the designated email address.
If an application fails, it can be restarted automatically or the computer can be put into a maintenance mode. The service can be stopped and then restarted automatically. It can also be disabled if the application is no longer required.
Service Protector functions in the background without affecting the computer during normal usage. It can also perform a one time back up of all software without creating a back up.
Service Protector keeps a list of all the applications, services, programs and even hardware on the computer. This means that you can keep a watchful eye on them. It can also be used to alert you to issues before they happen. If a program stops working, it can restart it

What’s New in the Service Protector?

Service Protector is an application that automatically manages multiple application and software instances running on a computer. Also known as a service manager. Whether you are a professional or an individual user, Service Protector ensures the reliability of your computer by performing a range of tasks automatically and quickly.
The application was created to provide users with a simple and efficient service manager for Windows XP and Vista. Despite its simplistic appearance, Service Protector was designed to be highly configurable to adapt to the wide variety of tasks that need to be performed within Windows.
Without having to use some of the more complicated and/or expensive options, users will be able to manage their processes efficiently. The application is an all-in-one solution for resolving a range of technical problems and potential problems to ensure a high level of reliability and efficiency on your computer.
Intuitive and efficient for those who keep more than one process running
Service Protector automatically checks if all the applications you want to monitor are running. If a service fails to start or if the application crashes in some way, you will receive a warning or notification. If not resolved you will be notified and informed about the problem in a fully customizable manner. Additionally, Service Protector can be set to schedule each restart or shut down operation.
Service Protector also offers a range of additional options for more advanced users. It supports many command-line options as well as a set of scripts and tools that can be used when the application is more than capable of performing the actions needed.
Service Protector can be used to run any kind of process. It can monitor processes and applications like Microsoft Word, Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, Firefox, Internet Explorer and even Firefox within Firefox.
The application is highly configurable for customized operation and can be adjusted to perform a range of different tasks easily. While the application defaults to monitoring more than one process, users can be confident that Service Protector will monitor every application individually. This guarantees that none of the applications will be overlooked and, more importantly, any task related to a specific application can be adjusted to suit the application.
Users can choose their preferred level of monitoring as well. They can have all the applications running at all times, set a specific time to automatically start or schedule the application to restart. Users can even set the application to automatically restart after an amount of time has elapsed and the amount of time can be set to unlimited, just as long as it is set within a reasonable time frame.
Regardless of how they are configured, users are never forced to have any of the background processes running.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk: 4 GB space
Other: Unrar, GOM TV torrent (Only needed for the softsub)
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