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For this program you will need python.exe and the win32all library. While they are not required, they are required. If you wish to make a service toggler for Linux, or Windows with a different toolkit, you will need a different toolkit. You will also need the wxPython library.
The win32all library contains a set of routines that allow python programs to work on any OS. You can obtain the package from here. To use win32all, you will need to install python and then run win32all.
The wxPython library allows you to use a tkinter toolkit. While it can be used for non-gui applications, I suggest you install wxPython from here. The wxPython libraries are free and can be downloaded as a tarball. You will need both python and the wxPython library to install serviceToggler.
Building serviceToggler:
To compile serviceToggler you will need to make sure that the win32all, python and wxPython libraries are installed on your computer. Then you will need to install setuptools. I used this tool to do so.
$> easy_install setuptools

Making serviceToggler:
You can now make serviceToggler from my Makefile. There are two ways to use it.
1. You can make the serviceToggler application by running python install. This will install the program in the active python directory.
2. You can make a standalone serviceToggler executable by running python install –single-version-externally-managed. You will need to copy the executable from my downloads section to a directory that is writeable by the user running it.

serviceToggler Shortcuts:
The program has two directorys for shortcuts. You can add shortcuts to either one or the other. Shortcuts are added under a specific’shortcut’ directory for the currently selected shortcut directory.
shortcutKey = Template(“%f”) % (key)
# for example, if you were making a desktop shortcut for serviceToggler
shortcut = Template(“%f”) % (key)
# shortcut(shortcutKey) would add a shortcut to the shortcuts directory with the
# given shortcut key.

On Windows, the system properties page has a button to change the menu bar. On Linux, they would need to add it to the menu

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serviceToggler Full Crack is an application that allows the user to associate NT services on a computer into groups. It allows the user to easily bring up and take down the groups of services from a simple systray icon. Additionally, groups of services can be setup to toggle each other up and down.
For example, as a consultant developer, I am often asked to write applications. Sometimes the applications may use a MySQL database. Other times, they may use a MS SqlServer database. I don’t want to run both database servers on my laptop at the same time, because usually I’m using one or the other, but not both. In serviceToggler, I’ve configured two service groups: MySQL and SQLServer.
The MySQL group has one service in it: the mysql database service. The SQLServer group has numerous services in it: SQL Server database service, SQL Server reporting server service, etc.
From the systray icon of serviceToggler, I can select the SQLServer group. It will shutdown the MySQL service and bring up services associated with the SQLServer group. Later on, I may choose to select the MySQL group from serviceToggler and it will shut down the SQLServer services and bring up the MySQL service.
Additionally, groups of services can be configured to toggle each other up and down. Groups don’t have to be associated with other groups for toggling, they can stand alone. Selecting a group once from serviceToggler brings it up. If you select it again, the group will be brought down.
■ The Python Interpreter
■ The win32all library for Python
■ The wxPython library for Python
Version Information:
ServiceToggler – 0.4 – 20090120
Python – 2.6.6
wxPython – wxPython
Installation Instructions:
Install serviceToggler to the following location:
C:\Program Files\serviceToggler
Locate and double click the file.
Go to the command prompt and change directory to the above mentioned location.
Type the following command and press Enter:
python install
note: The above installation instructions assume that the source code of serviceToggler was downloaded to the user’s c:\ drive
Start serviceToggler and click the systray icon to toggle services.

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serviceToggler is a python application that allows the user to toggle services on a system, namely windows services, toggling them on and off. It can be used to control services such as MySQL, MS SQL, PHP, or other server and server-specific services. It allows the user to control which services are running based on groups of services that are brought up and down by the user with a simple systray icon. It can be used in conjunction with the the awesome systray control I’ve included in my RSS Feeds app.
■ A simple to use systray icon that brings up and takes down groups of services
■ Configure service groups to toggle a service or group of services on and off
■ Icons that are available for each service in serviceToggler
■ Icons that are available for each group of services in serviceToggler
■ A text window that is popped up whenever a service or group of services is brought up or taken down
■ Configure if a service can be stopped without bringing the service down
Getting serviceToggler:
The project is hosted on with the branch named development:
The project was written by JWS in C#. It was later ported to Python by Bader.
How to build serviceToggler:
Once you get the source zip file from the SourceForge link above. Extract the contents to a temp directory. For the Windows version, go to the Bin folder and double click on the setup.exe file. A shortcut to the exe file should be created in your windows desktop:
For the Linux/Mac build, there is a file in the Bin folder that contains the instructions to build.
Help and Support:
Bader and JWS are both available for help and support. Feel free to contact them:
JWS is available via email:
Bader is available via email:
Also, see the C# and Visual Basic versions of serviceToggler that I maintain on SourceForge:
If you find errors in serviceToggler, please email:
Please don’t use this app on a production system, especially MySQL database servers

What’s New In?

serviceToggler is a free open-source utility. It consists of a simple python-wxWinPy.
To install, unzip, place the serviceToggler folder in a directory of your choice, and run python install from the top level directory of the unzipped serviceToggler folder.
serviceToggler works for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
To use serviceToggler, you will need to configure it once for your needs. There are many easy to understand configuration options in serviceToggler that are just a click away.
We also encourage the community to contribute to serviceToggler’s development by making user documentation, bug reports, and feature requests.
This is all that’s needed to configure your system up for serviceToggler. Feel free to send me any feedback or requests for new features.
serviceToggler is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Frisse — Are there any differences between the old way and the new way to add services to a group in ServiceToggler?

No, not really. It’s still the same. You have to set a name for your service. Then you have to set a key so it knows it’s a service you want to toggle. Then you set a path to the service. It’s pretty simple.

Frisse — Is there any difference between ServiceToggler and the setup that comes with the Windows Service Pack for Windows 8?

Not really. I haven’t looked at it yet, but it looks like it’s the same.

Frisse — Do I need to install both ServiceToggler and the SDK? Is one of them enough?

No, you don’t need ServiceToggler, just the SDK. The SDK needs to be installed on the computer you are running the program on.

Frisse — Are there any differences between the old way and the new way to add services to a group in ServiceToggler?

No, not really. It’s still the same. You have to set a name for your service. Then you have to set a key so it knows it’s a service you want to toggle. Then you set a path to the service. It’s pretty simple.

Frisse — Is there any difference between ServiceToggler and the setup that comes

System Requirements For ServiceToggler:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
CPU: 2 GHz Processor
HDD: 30 GB
GPU: 512 MB
Additional Notes:
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: 2.6 GHz Processor
HDD: 70 GB
* I’ve been able to play the demo at this location without an installation, but because the game will need