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Advanced Smart Recovery is the latest version of such an application that strives to help users gain back everything that got lost from their PCs. Despite the fact that it can be very useful, especially in case you need to get back old files, there are some drawbacks that should be noted before purchasing it.
As you know, the first step of any data recovery solution is scanning the drive for all the removed data. This is why the installation process is quite long and it might take up to several minutes before you see the progress bar in action.
If you decide to use the ‘Simple Scan’ option, the scan process should be significantly faster, although you will only be able to preview the newly found files.
The second issue comes when you want to scan for lost multimedia files using the ‘Smart Scan’ option. This is going to be a very time-consuming process, especially for those who have several data recovery problems on their hands. The good thing is that if Smart Recovery find out that you want to restore data from specific file types, it won’t bother you again. This is why it’s good to have ‘Smart Scan’ run almost as soon as you launch the program.
Another thing to mention is that ‘Smart Recover’ only has the ability to scan one device at a time. Also, the application requires a license key that needs to be purchased, which you can do on the official web page.
Pros: Easy to use and pretty stable.
Cons: There are no compatibility issues or file conversions in the application.

Safedisk Data Recovery & File Recovery :
Safedisk is the best data recovery software as it restores data lost by accidental deletion, virus attack, formatting or hardware failure.
It helps you recover files lost due to virus attack, system malfunction, mishandling of the media and lost partitions.
This is a software is very simple and easy to use. Run it and set scan mode. Select the drive or partition you want to scan and click on the ‘Start’ button.
After scanning and saving the recovered files in the recovery drive, you can connect your USB or CD drive to your PC and view, copy or print the files from there.
Safedisk gives you only one chance to recover data, therefore, if it fails, you should remove all media connected to your computer, close all applications and re-run the software.
Safedisk also provides a feature to scan multiple drives simultaneously.
Additional Features:
You can use Saf

Smart Recovery Crack+ Free [Win/Mac]

This program offers a simple way to recover deleted files.
This application is free for home use and has some advanced features that enable you to recover data from all types of storage media.
See larger Screenshots below..Q:

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Smart Recovery Crack+

If you cannot get back the lost or deleted files or folders on any removable drives, photos, music, videos, etc., try smart recovery, a program that can help you find them back.
It is completely safe to use and completely free. This can be your new best friend.
1. Provide a solution for recovering files and folders from removable drives.
2. With a few mouse clicks, you can recover the lost data.
3. Clean up the deleted items by some scan processes.
4. Provide two different scan modes.
5. You can preview the files found.
6. Many supported file formats.
7. Preview the found files.
8. Easy to use.
9. Compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1.
10. Completely clean and safe to use.
11. Completely free.
12. Supports many file formats.
13. It provides two scan modes, fast and intensive.
14. You can preview the items found.
15. The recovered items can be previewed.
16. The program has a friendly interface.
17. The file recovery is convenient and safe.
18. User-friendly and easy to use.
19. It provides two scan modes, fast and intensive.
20. Smart recovery is free to use.
21. Speed and quickness are high.
22. Clean and safe to use.
23. Supports many file formats.

Tested on Windows XP

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In the age of digital photography, the number of digital images has grown into millions of pictures. Millions of digital images, a large number of them being photos taken by digital cameras. With each photo has an associated date and time the picture was taken.
If someone lost or damaged the storage device, that contains the image, may be very difficult to recover or find the lost photo.
So, How can we recover the lost photo or lost image or wrong image of the photo?
Offer the various kinds of image in the list of image recovery software and help.
One is the image lost and found. Such as: if you lost the picture of your son and like you have deleted the disk or memory card, and you have not deleted the picture of your son on the disk or memory card, can be backed up.
If you have a traditional image can be used to get back, you can use Disk Image Recove, a tool that supports most image format of your loss is possible to recover, such as ico, gif, jpg, png, pbm, jp2, pbm, raw, tif, tga, sdw, usd, psd, emf, bmp, emf, tga, jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, pbm, tif, tga, ttx, psd, sgi, sgi, doc, docx, ods, xls, xlsx, odf, and so on.


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Vista SP2 or later, or Windows 7 SP1 or later
Processor: Dual core or Quad core, 2GHz or faster
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: DirectX9, Windows Vista SP2 or later, or Windows 7 SP1 or later
Hard Drive: 2GB
Input Devices: Keyboard and Mouse
Version 1.0 – 2009/08/02
– Bug Fixes
Version 1.0.1 – 2009