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Some schools have music classes for additional education. Blue painted doors with classrooms. Children play various games on guitars, flutes, violins, cellos. If necessary, experts can help the teacher with the choice of violin or cello.
Graduates do not forget the technical school, as evidenced by a large selection of guitars and books on Arrangement.
Many children study at the conservatory. Photos of future graduates are presented there. In particular, the one I am interested in on occasion is Viktor Dmitrievich Cheparukhin.
There are still memories of people who studied at the school and know it as a musical educational institution.

After that, I finally got home, took a shower, drink whiskey and cola and head to the bus stop. And… I see her. New. The entire floor has been redone by me. And I still remember who it belonged to 🙂
Well, photos from a point I have already forgotten