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WidsMob will help you easily view your HEIC images, edit them, convert them to other popular formats and share them with your friends.
Main Features:
– View your HEIC images.
– Rotate, resize and crop your HEIC image(s) on-the-fly.
– Edit basic image properties like hue, contrast, brightness, saturation and sharpness.
– Edit basic image metadata properties like title, description, credit and author.
– Overlay text on your images, and choose from the available options to select the font style, color, size, location and even apply a watermark.
– Export your edited HEIC image(s) to popular image formats: JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF.
– Ability to view and edit multiple HEIC images at the same time.
– Add images to favorites so you can easily find them later.
– Advanced sharing features, such as links, text messages and QR codes.
– Supports HEIF image format.
– Automatically detects and downloads your HEIC image(s).
– Supports HEIC image page on the photo album.
– Full and detailed documentation and FAQ.
NEW: Fix issue of “Does not support editing HEIC files with binary extension.”
Fixed “A photo album cannot be created using the specified album name” bug.
Fixed issue of “Can not edit HEIC image” when adding images to favorites and index tabs.
Fixed issue of “The file can not be found” when using “Internet” tab to display HEIC images.
Fixed issue of “The file can not be opened” when using “Images” tab to edit HEIC image.
– Fixed issue of “There are no HEIC files on the specified path”.
– Fixed issue of “The selected image does not contain a layer”.
– Fixed issue of “There is no viewer for HEIF image”.
– Fixed issue of “Cannot copy all the images to the clipboard”.
– Fixed issue of “PNG image file cannot be opened”.
– Fixed issue of “Can not add or edit heic image”

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WIDsMOBILE HEIC Converter is a Powerful HEIC Converter and Image Editing Tool, it is a handy yet powerful Image Management and Editing tool. WidsMob HEIC Converter is a free Windows app for iPhone, iPad, Android devices. For editing, WidsMob HEIC Converter allows users to resize, rotate, mirror, crop, watermark or extract from HEIC images. WidsMob HEIC Converter also allows users to extract images from HEIC files (It works only on iPhone)

To extract an image from the HEIC image, the app does not directly extract the image but first moves to the EXIF section and extracts the image size and rotation then use those information to extract the images from the HEIC file.

WidsMob Wifi WiFi is the first professional Wi-Fi management tool for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. With WidsMob WiFi, you can manage your network connections, detect and troubleshoot network problems. You can easily set a schedule to automatically connect or disconnect to your router and switch on/off your Wi-Fi connections on demand.
You can also view your network connections, WidsMob WiFi can determine which connections (WiFi or Ethernet) are currently connected and if they have a bandwidth or network activity status.
WidsMob WiFi is the easiest and quickest way to manage your Wi-Fi network connections. To connect to your network, WidsMob WiFi will automatically detect your network name or specify it manually. You can also choose your Wi-Fi network SSID, password and channel.Ketulan Laksmanan

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If you use an iPhone or iPad and you like to take photos and have it on your iPhone you've probably noticed that the photos you take are of high quality, but also gigantic and a pain to deal with.
Now, you can use Photo Quality Editor by WidsMob to edit your photos and make them smaller, quicker and with a good quality.
Very simple to use, the app is quite intuitive and has the following settings:
– Brightness, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Hue, Saturation, Hue & Saturation.
– Vividness, Sharpness, Color Noise.
– Gamma, Auto Contrast, RGB Labeling.
– Overall Picture Quality, Vertical & Horizontal Sharpness, Color Accuracy, Color Gamut.

– Cut Color, Protect Original, Process ISO, Dither, Widescreen, Blur, Wave.

– Overlay, Text, Cropping, Blurring, Square Corners.

– Cropping, Blurring, Corners, Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, etc.

– Overlay Font, Opacity, Text Color, Text Size.

– Advanced Picture Quality Settings, Lomo.

– Advanced Text Settings, Noise.

– RGB Labeling Settings, Mask, Auto Mask.

– Adjustment: Round Trip, Save Settings, Adjust Picture, Edit Preview.

– Adjust: Adjust Picture, Delete & Cut, Adjust Text.

– Export: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.

– Blur/Cut Color: Cut Color, Black & White, Black, White, Solid.

– Color Noise: Cut Color, Remove Noise, Remove Color Noise, Remove Noise & Color Noise.

– Fade: High Pass, Mid Pass, Low Pass, Fade All.

– Save Settings: Export Settings, Print Settings.

– Lomo: Auto Lomo, Lomo.

– Picture Quality Settings: Reset Settings, Smoothing, Grain, Light Tone.

– Text Settings: Text Shadow, Text Text, Shadow, Width, Height, Text Color, Text Size, Hide Text.

– Widescreen: Active Widescreen, Hide Widescreen.
WidsMob Photo Quality Editor is a simple, lightweight application that can help you make your photos smaller and better, without losing quality.
More specifically, you can reduce your images to a size you can fit in your pocket or to create a good quality JPG or PNG file to share them.
At the same time, the app's settings are quite easy to understand, so you can change the aforementioned settings quite effortlessly.

System Requirements For WidsMob HEIC:

● Intel i5/AMD CPU, or equivalent
● Intel HD Graphics 4400 or better for Windows 10
● 2GB System RAM
● 8GB free space to install the program
● Win7/8/8.1/10
● 256MB CPU or equivalent recommended for best performance
● DVD Drive or Other Media Drive
● Space for program data, etc.
● Large HDD (200 GB+)
● The main method of communication with the program is the Windows firewall. You must